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Be ESEF compliant without overthinking it

Upload your annual report in PDF format, tag the report with a taxonomy of your choice, and download the generated ESEF report ready to be published.


Facilitate regulatory reporting for ESEF and UKSEF compliance

Accelerate the time it takes to submit your annual report in XBRL format for ESEF or UKSEF compliance. CFOUR Comply allows you to fulfil your regulatory requirements by providing a cloud solution where you can convert your PDF annual reports to electronic XHTML, tag the report with XBRL concepts from your required taxonomy, extend the taxonomy, and produce a compliant XBRL submission

What is ESEF?

How will ESEF affect you?

As of 2020, the European Securities Markets and Authorities (ESMA) issued the ESEF standard which requires all issuers on EU regulated markets to prepare and file annual consolidated financial reports in Inline XBRL (iXBRL) format.

Due to the difficulties posted by the pandemic on both issuers and auditors, the ESEF requirements were postponed in most countries in Europe, by one year till 2021. This means that all annual financial reports beginning on or after 1st January 2021 must be submitted in iXBRL format to comply with the ESEF standard.

This means that if your company has securities listed on any EU stock exchange, you must comply with the ESEF standard.


All companies listed in EU and EEA regulated markets


For all annual reports for fiscal years beginning 01/01/2021


Convert your annual report to electronic iXBRL / XHTML format using specialized software


A streamlined workflow towards ESEF reporting

With CFOUR Comply we focused on simplifying the process that you as the issuer need to follow to generate an ESEF submission which is ready to be published to your OAM (Officially Appointed Mechanism) as well as your website. Our cloud solution handles everything from precise conversions of your annual report in PDF format to HTML and providing with you with an intuitive interface to tag your financial statements within the report. After you tag your report and fix any validations issues you can download the XBRL generated by Comply and proceed with the submission.


Upload your annual reports in PDF format to CFOUR Comply


CFOUR Comply converts the report to XHTML


Tag the consolidated financial statements with XBRL directly within Comply


Comply validates the tagging done with the taxonomy ruleset


Give permission to your auditor to review the tagging in Comply


Sign-off the final report and generate an XBRL submission

Product Features

PDF to XHTML conversion

Accurate conversion from PDF to XHTML including complex graphics and fonts

Auditor review

Give permissions to your auditor to review the tagging on your annual report within the same solution

Tagging of financial statements

Accurate conversion from PDF to XHTML including complex graphics and fonts

Validation of tags

Validation of the tagged annual report with XBRL concepts based on the taxonomy ruleset

XBRL generation

Generation of the XBRL package to be submitted to the regulatory body and the iXBRL report that can be published on your website

Team collaboration

Give access to all your team members, assign roles and permission, and promote collaboration between all team members

Taxonomy extension

Add extension concepts to cater for entity specific disclosures and anchor to the base taxonomy

Single sign-on

Sign in to your Comply subscription using your Office 365 or Google Workspace account


XHTML only

Need to be ESEF compliant but without having IFRS consolidated statements to tag?
We offer a solution to convert annual reports to XHTML without getting into the tagging process.

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Want to have full control on the tagging process and benefit from all the features Comply offers?
With our self-managed solution, you have full access to a Comply subscription where you can benefit from all its features.

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In a hurry to submit your XBRL package for this year’s annual report?
Our hybrid solution allows you to leverage from our expertise for the first year of your ESEF submission and gives you full control for the following years.


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Fully outsourced

Don’t want to get your hands dirty with tagging your annual reports with XBRL? We offer outsourcing
services where you can leverage from our expertise in XBRL to tag your annual report and provide you with an ESEF compliant submission



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