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In a connected, technologically advanced, and innovative world, data is growing at an exponential rate. Industry analysts predict that data will amount to 175ZB globally in 2025, which will be 4 times more than in 2020. Albeit today, all business are data businesses, and in some shape or form process data to generate insights for decision making, data is expected to grow by 400% with less than 30% that gets analyzed.

Many times, data analytics processes are carried out with insufficient tools, such as spreadsheets, which necessitate numerous manual interventions. These processes are prone to errors due to the human factor involved, costly because the resources involved are senior enough to matter, and never ready when needed urgently due to the cumbersome process. How many times are the figures presented in a meeting challenged by stakeholders, resulting in a time-consuming exercise to re-analyze data and breakdown figures?

This is further complicated in organizations or groups with multiple entities. Accounting systems that differ, multiple verticals, different finance methodologies, and different countries and currencies are just a few of the obstacles to achieving a comprehensive view of performance. Understanding which subsidiaries, verticals, or brand categories are driving group revenue growth is extremely difficult.

CFOUR was designed by data engineers in collaboration with finance professionals to help finance teams make better use of the data available and increase the quality and veracity of the insights generated. CFOUR atop organizational complexity and serves as a centralized repository for all of your financial data. To help users get started, the solution includes a set of standard analytical reports. CFOUR’s strong, proven, and flexible data models enable users to generate new insights from a single source…… from BI to AI, supporting forecasting simply and effectively.