CFOUR - Compliance

By StefanFarrugia on 2020-12-03

CFOUR XBRL Compliance Reporting is a SaaS solution which allows CFOs, finance professionals, and executives to upload their annual financial reports in any format and make use of a user-friendly interface to "tag" the uploaded reports with the standard XBRL tags and produce an Inline XBRL document which can be submitted to the regulators for compliance. CFOUR Comply can also be used to validate financial reports produced by CFOUR for compliance with the relevant standards required for XBRL, as well as produce Inline XBRL from CFOUR generated financial reports. Therefore, CFOUR Comply is a solution which can be used both separately from CFOUR as well as integrated with CFOUR. Hence, the name of the product "CFOUR Comply" where "Comply" can be seen as the fifth "C" of CFOUR but it is also separate from the main "CFOUR" solution.

"We are very excited to be partnering with the best in class tools to offer our customers a holistic approach in generating compliance reporting."

CFOUR XBRL Compliance Reporting will be available for preview mid January 2021.  If you would like to enquire on this new product and how you can adopt it to your organization, contact us here.


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