How can CFOUR assist you in group financial consolidation?

Use it for faster, error-free financial consolidation

CFOUR Financial Consolidation Tool

CFOUR is a financial software for consolidation that assists inter-company accounting by centralising data from various sources.

It allows for flexible collaboration to process consolidation faster and get accurate consolidated reports instantly.

Benefits of using financial consolidation software

Accurate Data

Accurate Data

A controlled environment and version traceability ensure the accuracy of consolidated financial statements. With all necessary data stored in one database, data integrity is guaranteed.

Better Process Visibility and Control

Better Process Visibility and Control

This advanced management accounting tool is designed in a governed environment to centralise the financial consolidation process through the collaborative dashboard.

Faster Consolidation

Faster Consolidation

Reduce the laborious time taken for group accounts consolidation leveraging quality time for analysis.

Consolidation of Financial Statements Process

CFOUR instills simplicity by replicating the familiar consolidation process in accounting into the four distinct stages of the consolidation.

1. Collate

The first stage in the process that takes data from different sources such as Excel or ERP to one data stream.

2. Compile

Stage two is the compilation of the subsidiary accounts to produce management accounts.

3. Calibrate

This stage inter-company reconciliation involves journal entries where inter-company elimination is logged and validated through a simple user-friendly interface.

4. Consolidate

The final stage of financial statements consolidation is to consolidate the subsidiary accounts into the holding company and produce consolidated statements.

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Keep track of the overall finance proces...

By StefanFarrugia, 2018-11-11

Keep track of all the financial consolidation activity through the powerful CFOUR workflow dashboard. All published data including history is stored in CFOUR and can be recalled at any time.

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Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Offi...

By StefanFarrugia, 2018-11-11

Unleash the power of Panorama Necto and the seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration to generate reports and visualizations. The drilldown capabilities empower finance teams to identify potential flaws easily and efficiently.

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Secure your data in line with your brand...

By StefanFarrugia, 2018-11-11

Make sure data is accessed by the right personnel, with the relevant know-how. The flexible, role-based security ingrained within CFOUR allows for protection and controlled dissemination.

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Developed by Eunoia


CFOUR is the new Financial Statement Consolidation Software developed by Eunoia.     Download the info sheet



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